Ad Huijser:

Pfff..., gelukkig nog maar ongeveer 0,6 °C te gaan !

Dr. Ad Huijser, physicist and former CTO of Philips and director of the Philips Laboratories, describes himself as "amateur climatologist". However his approach to climate physics is quite professional, I think. After his research into the problem of the rising concentration of atmospheric CO2, published as: "HOW DOES OUR CO2 ESCAPE?" and that on clouds and brightness; I feel quite safe to testify as such. The 'CO2 escape' article resolves the problem at least for the time relevant to presently living humans. The clouds and brightness study berefts CO2 of its sole dominant actorship in the complex climate riddle.

The present study on CH4 and CO2 in DUTCH reduces the influence of the CH4-actor, even in IPCC's exagerated GreenHouseGas - Temperature assumption, to an uninfluential level. It argues and reconfirms the doubts about the so called ECS values circulating in current climate literature.

This fits in CLINTEL's:

There is no climate emergency!

The article requires knowledge of some physics.

2022 09 04