Earlier I wrote an ironic critique of 'The Great Reset'. On the darkest day in Dutch history, it's time for a more serious note. I connect it with the QR code, with robotization and the CO2 hunt. A revolution that was instituted without reservation by a caretaker government and approved by our current parliament.
It heralds a process in which individual freedom perishes. The process that the old communists had in mind, but which failed due to missing instruments. Now things are different, more efficient and more compelling. With compulsion that requires little blood.


September 25, 2021 is the blackest day in Dutch history. It is the first time that our government has introduced lawful discrimination against citizens on its own initiative. Certain activities such as visits to sports clubs, theatres, catering and travel are only allowed to people who possess a certain QR code. Those who do not have it will be deprived of it.

I was reminded of my visit to China years ago. My touring student in Shanghai pointed me to a sign "Dogs and Chinese not allowed". It stood at a small park on 'the Bund', the great boulevard along the river. The group of countries that used to rule the enclave had placed that at the time. The student saw that I was ashamed. He corrected: "You don't have to worry about that. The Dutch were not here." He explained that at that time the Dutch were free to settle anywhere in China. The powers in charge of the enclave were not allowed to do so. They had refused to hand over their credentials to the emperor in the required manner. Still, my shame was not completely gone. Though my ancestors had not put up that sign. I felt trickle of cultural connection as a shade hanging over me.

Well the QR code, which is called a corona measure, is not related to race or origin. You can acquire it by being vaccinated, or by undergoing a health test each time for a fee. The results of which are valid for three days. I just paid € 34 to travel to Portugal. (At another test station it cost € 100.) In order to return to my own country, over there I will soon have to buy another such faulty test. That "faulty" is not mine, but comes from the inventor of that test, among other things.
I am accused of refusing the vaccine. I would endanger others by doing so. I put that accusation aside. If the vaccine protects, then vaccinated people have nothing to fear from me. If it does work, why would I be at risk for them? If it does not work, why should I - and they - take it? Or if it works temporarily a little bit? Israel is ahead of us with Corona measures. There are more Corona patients in hospitals who are vaccinated than those who are not. (There are now more vaccinated people than refusers in the country, but it's still "temporary and a little".) So why should I run the risk of a vaccin's side effects?

My own discomfort, however, is not the reason why I consider this a historically black day. I'll save myself. But I deny my fellow citizens and the government the right to deny me entry to my own country, on perceived dangers, which are well-foundedly controversial. A criminal should be punished for what he has done, not a random citizen for what he might do.


The main reason for my protest against using the QR code to prescribe a behavior is that it breaks the barrier of discrimination, coercion and slavery. The plan is already circulating to also use the QR code to enforce the coercion necessary for the introduction of a CO2 budget for households. It means: every household has an annual CO2 budget for transport (air travel and driving), eating meat and energy consumption at home.

And why should the government, if the people swallow it without grumbling, leave it at that? This is a perfect method of enforcing every rule and prohibition, however absurd and evil. In normal circumstances, you can weigh the penalty and the chance of being caught against the intended goal in the event of a violation. Now the chance of being caught is 100% and the punishment, in addition to the ordinary punishment, which is measured by a judge, is also an unconditional denial of the satisfaction of countless needs and wants.

Theory verification

In absolute terms, verifying a theory is impossible. We only call it 'scientific' if it is falsifiable. (That's why 'The science is settled' is nonsense.) However, it remains valid as long as it accurately describes events in a certain domain of time, place and circumstances. That way you can speak of verified within that domain.
So it is with conspiracy theory. That stands for a bunch of crooks, who secretly devise a nefarious plan to benefit at the expense of others. Einstein once warned that explaining events with a conspiracy theory is usually wrong. More often, stupidity is a better explanation. I like to follow him. But now I think there is a conspiracy going on, for which there is a verification in the domain 'the world of now'. I want to explain that, but not until I first state that in this case an overwhelming majority of conspiracy enforcers are not aware of doing any harm. In fact, they believe to have the best intentions for the world.

'World Economic Forum' (WEF) & 'The Great Reset'

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a group of people who meet regularly and discuss plans for the rest of the world. The WEF is my suspect, but it's diverse and the bold restriction above definitely applies to many participants. There is also a core group of billionaires and thinkers who are funding and planning the movement. The chairman Klaus Schwab has been with us for a while.
They do not make a murder pit of their hearts and unconcernedly bring out thoughts. One such plan is "The Great Reset" posited in a book by Schwab. It aims no less than, in Schwab's own words, to rid the world's population of all its possessions: "You'll own nothing and be happy". In invisible letters it is probably followed by: "at least that is what you will think, if you embrace it. After that, you are willless cattle, which, like sheep, are led to grassy pastures or to the slaughter".

Great Reset actually is two lies in two words. First:
RESET = STOP & RESTORE TO THE OLD STATE. The sequel, on the other hand, shows that what is meant is a totally and unprecedented new situation for the whole world.
Secondly, it is something so comprehensive that adding
GREAT = BIG is a pleonasm. The author is bad, but not stupid. He emphasizes with it, so it is not possible with a single mouse click. Then it goes wrong, because the consequences are very large. So it has to be done slowly, step by step. In good old Dutch: Slowly then the line will not break.
Schwab kicked off his public outcry in 2017 with his "Fourth Industrial Revolution" and put it back together in 2020 with "The Great Reset". His friend and admirer, Prime Minister Rutte, who was relieved of his mission, may or according to his words, may not have read the latter. Also Mrs. Kaag and Mr De Jonge of health are fervent WEF endorsers. Something of which I also suspect Minister Hoekstra. Now we all know that to get into a cabinet you have to be good friends with people behind the scenes. It is only a small group, those Dutch WEF faithful. But they have the matter firmly in their hands.

So Schwab was quite right when he thought, slowly. First, his arguments for a 'Great Reset' had to be disseminated. Climate and doing something about it with CO2 was an older invention. Not his invention, but a welcome support. Then came COVID. Attributing that to WEF et. al. is first of all a bit too conspiracy hypothetical for me. But it was certainly welcome. In this way, a uniform stupid, and costing more human lives than the disease itself, program could be organized almost in unison worldwide. Measures that can hardly be scaled back. Very useful for conspiracy verification, because they are now also translated into deeds and laws.

The personal passport or QR code for Corona and probably soon for CO2 is a nice step on the way to the Great Reset transformation. It opens the door to a flawless future control system. It can be extended to all human activities with little imagination.
It turns out that it can also be introduced almost seamlessly. Well, except for some almost unnoticed, peaceful demonstrations by a few hundred thousand people here and there. It succeeds, because it is trumpeted as granting great favors and expanding freedom. Gullibles are happy to accept that. Although, of course, it concerns permits for self-evident freedoms and choices.

The instrument had already been tested. In China they are further ahead than we are in rolling out the technology of camera facial recognition in the public space. That is much more efficient than a QR code. The AD reports that in 2018 the government banned 23 million citizens in that country from buying a train or plane ticket. They had too low a score in the 'social credit system'. That system gives each citizen a certain number of points depending on his behavior. That's possible here too. Why not. The QR code is therefore somewhat clumsy and requires many enforcers. But with standard commercially available camera facial recognition it goes well. And if we can't make it ourselves, China will gladly supply it.
Once the interesting countries have it all, then the QR code can be put in the trash and the public getting used to it is already done.

The realization of the purpose of the Great Reset, total control, has thus been undeniably set in motion. No shortage of performers. That's millions. But the instigators? That's pretty verifiable to me. a small group, close to the center of the WEF. Or remotely, but with good connections


In George Orwell's famous novel "1984" there was also such a continent-spanning control system. But at that time, this still had to be guarded by force of the army and secret police, i.e. brute force. In the meantime, social scientists have learned a great deal. You can do it more thoroughly by cleverly and large-scale spreading an ideology over the people. At that point, the core group of the revolution has the tide with it.
We now have the internet and the 'smartphone'. The latter is a handy and incredibly versatile instrument that almost everyone wants to have. It provides us with all the knowledge on the internet anytime and anywhere. For many, it is an extension of their own memory and step by step replaces the need to learn or remember something themselves.
Also step by step, the IT giants and media tycoons are conquering the space in that wide memory with their directives and ideologies. And so that of the individuals. We still type our own messages on the keyboard of PC and smartphone. But incoming messages or programs reach those instruments and thus our perceiving space unsolicited.
Work is underway on direct connections between nerves and electronics. How easy it would be if we could operate the thing just thinking without a keyboard, camera or microphone. But it also opens the way for others or the 'system' to penetrate our thinking world. And then the big reset goal is reached.

Many SF novels deal with a plot of robot takeover. In mine "The Second Apocalypse" it is indeed peaceful, and robots are like people with whom us people like to share power with their own thoughts. Had I heard of The Great Reset at the time and known who was behind it, I would have chosen their way to take power. That seems more plausible to me. It goes through the influencing of our thought world. And we bring it in ourselves. Our thoughts then are those of a new Politburo, the WEF bosses.
In "The Apocalypse" I would then have only had to let humans and robots together come to the conclusion that it was stupid to allow a large part of civilization to be carried by such unreliable material as flesh and blood. That could be better!

To continue

Now it is admittedly irritating for most people to be presented with thoughts of others that conflict with their own thoughts. But how does that work if one's own thoughts have been put in by someone else unnoticed? Is it any wonder that the bosses of the communications systems are also among the followers if not the instigators of The Great Reset?
I think my verification of the conspiracy theory needs more factual material than I've given here. I still have something up my sleeve, but there are others, including the writers in "Gezond verstand" (=Common Sense) or the members of "Forum for Democracy" who have more material at their disposal. Also among the authors on big money and on economics, there are those who could testify in a trial against the conspirators.

I urge anyone who loves individual freedom to seek and prepare for resistance. We must not allow it to be taken away from us by those who prey on our thoughts and for whom our own thoughts are only troublesome obstacles.
Their handle is the spread of fear. Fear of viruses, fear of climate change, of nitrogen and soon for the Russians, the Chinese and who knows, the Indians and Arabs. Let's act on the lyrics of a song by the American Black Liberation movement:

I ain't scared of your jail, cause I want my freedom. I want my freedom now!

Original: Nieuwegein, 2021 09 25.
Also on Climategate.
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adjusted or spoiled by me,
2021 09 27.

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