W.J. Witteman1:

The absorption of thermal emitted infrared radiation

W.J. (Wim) Witteman is emeritus professor of the Technical University Twente, The Netherlands. He is famous, among else for his work on radiative properties of CO2 and the developement of CO2-lasers.

In a recent study he found an appreciable difference between his result of atmospheric heat absorption by CO2 and those used by various climatologists. The discovery throws a new light on CO2's influence on climate. His article, received 2020 04 03 and revised on 2023 05 18 appeared in Principia Scientific International. He received several lauding comments in which questions were posed about some unclear elements. Honouring these, it has been revised anew in 2024 and can be read or downloaded free of charge. A new § "Greenhouse effect limitation." has been added.

It fits in CLINTEL's:

There is no climate emergency!

The article requires knowledge of this physics specialty.

2024 07 04
2023 05 18.
Principia Int.'s acceptance
of the original
received 2020 04 03.

1) Prof.dr.ir W.J. Witteman